Monday, January 22, 2007

Barry Manilow- Do you have someone who will go with you to his concert?

I went to see Barry Manilow on Thursday at Madison Square Garden. I know you might think that I am a dork but I love the guy's music. Remember... he "writes the songs that make the young girls cry"... And let me tell you... his lyrics, well I cried several times during the concert.

Being at the concert and doing something I really wanted to do regardless of what people might think or regardless of who wanted to join me made me think about dating and how so many people come to me with agenda's and "must haves." It made me that about how very rarely these days is having fun and laughing on that must have list. For the guys, its always about how "hot" the girl is, how old she is, that she isn't "thick"- (what a terrible expression!) and for the women its about what job he has, how ambitious he is, where he lives and where he vacations. But seeing Barry made me think that what it is really all about is connecting over the little things. I saw so many couples at the concert really having fun together, singing all the words to all of Barry's songs; guys, macho looking ones, wiping tears away when Barry told a very nostalgic story about his grandfather, couples holding hands and kissing because the music is so romantic.
So.. Some advice... Find the person with whom you can go to your version of a Barry Manilow concert, someone who is going to be willing to share those dorky things that you like to do with you, someone who is willing to learn to like what you like without giving you a hard time about it. And you need to want to do the same for them.
And if Barry is actually your secret passion... don't be embarrassed. And keep in mind that a great way of getting your guy to like him is to let him know how great Barry's music is for "setting the mood". You might be surprised about how quickly he will join you at the next concert!

Sunday, January 7, 2007


I'm back from vaca in Aspen- no snow but it was warm and sunny everyday, so from my perspective the skiing was amazing! Happy New Year!

So January is an interesting month for matchmaking....January is probably one of the two hottest matchmaking months. It’s freezing in New York (usually), nobody wants to go out, there are very few social events taking place, many people have broken up over Christmas and New Years and many people are very depressed that they are starting a new year alone again. My phone rings off the hook this month.

If you are alone... don't despair- so are alot of other people. And the bonus is that people like to cuddle when its cold so they are on the look-out for their cuddle partner. Additionally, even though most people think the whole "New Year's resolution" thing is foolish, most people do, in fact, make some New Years resolutions. And often times, those resolutions have to do with having better relationships, having some kind of relationship, not being alone, and having someone with whom to share the good and bad. So, at least for the next month or so, you should be able to hit a few people who are trying to live up to their resolutions and get into a relationship. No, they don't wear a shirt or sign that says they are "trying" but I think most people are trying to be good and better right after the first of the year. Grumpiness and negative energy doesn't seem to set in again until Valentine's Day!!

Some advice...
Valentine's Day is 5 weeks away and counting.. It sucks to be alone then so...

1. spend some time this month trying to socialize more and differently than you usually do.

2.Reach out to some old friends, make plans to go out with then and while you are reconnecting, ask them if they know anyone to introduce you to-- since you haven't been in touch for awhile they may just know someone you don't know.

3.Don't be bashful to ask- if you don't ask, you don't get.

4.Revisit some guys or gals you rejected in the past- people change as they get older and people look really good when its really cold outside!

5.Just do it, try online dating, its not so bad, I've tried it, it's just another way to meet some people.