Thursday, September 22, 2011

Samantha's Dating Thought-Keep the Love Alive

The honeymoon phase in a relationship is always the best time; you and your new flame really open up and get to know each other, enjoy spending all of your time together and rarely get into any altercations. However, it unfortunately doesn't always last. Once couples start dating for the long haul, they can sometimes hit a rough patch. Here are a few tricks to avoid that and keep your marriage or long-term relationship alive:

1.  Romance your honey like you just started dating. Romancing your partner gives you the chance to show him/her how special they are to you. Do something subtle like leave a post-it note in the morning before work simply saying "I love you" or cook their favorite meal. They will be sure to feel appreciated and loved.

2. Make time. Whether you have been together for two years or 20 years, it can be hard to take time out of your busy schedule. However, this is a crucial part of keeping the love alive. Schedule weekly date nights; even if you can't make date night a night out, stay in together and do some of your favorite activities together. Most importantly, always make time to be intimate!

3. Take on new activities. Learning new things together is always a great way to bond with someone special. Take a ballroom dancing class, enroll in a cooking class or photography class. Whatever it is, make sure the two of you agree so you can really enjoy the experience.

4. Pretend that you

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Samantha's Dating Ponder-Do "Friends With Benefits" Relationships Actually Work?

If you haven't tried it, the thought has at least crossed your mind about being "friends with benefits" with one of your closest friends of the opposite sex. We have seen it played out in numerous romantic comedies and they always seem to end in a happily ever after. Is that really how it ends in real life? Do friendships become ruined after this? A recent study found that 74 percent of "friends with benefits" relationships don't destroy the friendship that was previously had. Even further, some of these relationships even unfold into stonger, real romantic relationships. After all, you are already so close with the person that it is easy to start something romantic. What do you think? Have you ever tried being friends with benefits with a close friend? How did it end up?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Samantha's Dating Ponder-Do Different Hobbies Make or Break a Relationship?

It is very rare that you will find someone who has the same exact hobbies that you do. Women love to watch sports just as much as men love to shop. However, different hobbies don't have to ruin your relationship! Being in a relationship is all about compromising and sometimes doing things with your partner even though you may not want to. So, take turns! One weekend you can go to your guy's favorite sporting event and the next weekend you can hit the mall together to pick up that new outfit you've had your eye on. It is important to acknowledge your honey's hobbies and if it is something you really do not want to be apart of, reassure your beau how much you care about them but that it's fune for him to go to the batting cage with the guys or to the newest chick flick with the girls. Sometimes alone time or time with friends will make your together time all the more special. And, as you spend more time with someone, you will find yourself even enjoying some of their hobbies that you might never have enjoyed before!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Samantha's Fall Couple Check-in

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum

All of America watched as finalist J.P got down on one knee and proposed to most recent bachelorette Ashley. She happily accepted and the couple seemed nothing but smitten with each other. Now that the show is over and the couple can finally be out in public together, they still seem very much in love. They have been spotted in New York City where J.P. lives and plan to move into a new apartment together soon after Ashley finishes up dental school in just a couple of weeks. This duo seems to be really going against "the curse" of The Bachelor/Bachelorette series and are truly in love with each other. They plan to get married in 2012 and have already picked out their Neil Lane wedding bands. Congratulations to this amazing couple!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Samantha's Dating Thought-Soak Up the Sun

Sadly, the summer is almost over and the beautiful and sunny weather will be gone before you know it. That's why you should make the most of the time that is left and go on some outdoor dates with a long-time beau or a new flame. Summer is a great time for dating because you look healthy and feel great. Outdoor dates are a ton of fun because they are exciting. Some of the most fun outdoor dates during the summer are in the water. You can have a casual day and rent a boat and share a nice picnic with your favorite foods. If you decide to get a little adventurous, learn a new water sport together! Rent some waterskis or jetskis and you and your date will both have a great time. Teaching each other how to jetski or waterski will leave you smiling all day because you are both guaranteed to have some clumsy moments. So get out there, soak up some sun and enjoy the rest of summer with someone you really care about!