Friday, April 30, 2010

Matchmaker in the Know: Finding Romance in Turkey

Have you ever wondered where to find romance in Turkey?

Here’s what I know…

1. Don’t let the name of this wonderful country fool you, Turkey is definitely for lovers!

2. The easiest way to get from place to place is flying Turkish Air. Yes, they use some little planes but fear is always a good way of revving up romantic connection.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matchmaker in the Know: Romance in Costa Rica

Have you ever wondered where to find romance in Costa Rica?
Here's what I know...
1. Anytime there is a heart racing, death defying activities like Zip lining (check out the Sky Tram zips), there is going to be romance. The fear factor alone makes people hug, caress and lend support.

2. Women love butterflies and the butterflies are abundant in Costa Rica. Don't miss the Butterfly Farm on the way from Arenal to San Jose.

3. Stay at a hotel like the Springs Spa and Resort in Arenal. There are 19 natural hot springs, neon red, blue and yellow birds on your balcony, a straight-shot view of the volcano and plenty of little hideaways to get all cozy and intimate -- a surefire way to revitalize your romance.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Matchmaker in the Know: Bad Dating behavior that you should not tolerate

Do you ever feel like you put up with so much bad behavior when you are dating that you can't even remember what it is like to date someone good?
Here's what I know:
1. It's easy to excuse a lot of bad behavior if you really like someone, however, you need to always remember to likeyourself better than you like him. If he is treating you very poorly, you are just doing an injustice to yourself.
2. If a guy likes you, he will call you on the phone to ask you out. It is easy to rationalize that the norm these days is to doing everything by text. However, if he is a good guy, he will step up and do things out of the norm for you. You deserve this.