Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here's what I know... Men like women who act like women.

Have you ever wondered what type of women, men really like??

Here's what I know...

1. Men like women who act like women. This does not mean that you need to act like a frail woman or a Stepford wife, but it means that you should act in such a way so that he feel like he is the man and you are the woman.

2. Men like women who let a man help them. Men need to feel needed whether it's in a small way- changing a light bulb or answering a question for you or whether it's in a larger way- coming to your rescue in a bad situation or calming you down when you are freaking out. If you make him feel like you don't need him at all, he will leave you.

3. Men like women who act flirty. Flirting is the most important thing about male/female interaction- it's the best part of the "game." If you don't know how to flirt, it's important that you learn.

4. Men like women who giggle. This does not mean that you need to act like a "ditz," but keep in mind that the definition of a giggle is "a flirty laugh" and giggling tells the guy two things--that you think he's funny and that you like him because you are flirting with him through your laugh.

5. Men like women who dress like a woman. Men like women in dresses- they just do. You can make any excuse you want about thinking you look better in pants, but a guy will always appreciate and admire a woman in a dress.

6. Men like women who allow a man act like a man, women who let him watch football with the guys, have a guys night out once in awhile, even belch inappropriately from time to time. If you emasculate your guy, he will either turn into a guy who you won't respect or he will leave you because he will wind up not respecting himself.


  1. I totally agree with all your points! I love your blog!

  2. Great post! I 100% agree!
    PS - I also gave you an award. Check out my page to see it ;)

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  4. More good advice, I agree with it all. My 2 cents would also include that most (normal/quality) guys also like women who are not too independent. Yes, I know that's not what you're taught by mom but as a guy, it's a turn off to be with a woman who is way too independent. IMO and experience, esp early on, if she comes off as being totally into her career, friends, ex's, and independent, then I start to ask myself if she even has time for me or even needs a guy in her life. It goes back to your second point above, he will either leave you or just not call for that second date.