Tuesday, March 21, 2006



Guy goes out on a pseudo date with a girl- maybe it was a date, maybe it was a friendship thing, it was unclear. They go to dinner, drinks, a fun time had by both.

Next day, girl wants to say thank you, after all that's the polite thing to do.

So.... the question--- text message or phone call?

Let's evaluate.... text message- it gets the job done but in a passive more girl-like way; phone message- a possibility but a little more forward, a little more guy like behaviour.

I vote for the text message however, some guys have been saying otherwise.



  1. The only thing worse than a text message would be a form letter. Lately, I've been hearing a lot about women who dig using the text message thing. I don't get. It's pretty impersonal. It's like having a toaster say, "I love you". Run for cover.

  2. I think text messages are fine...lets just say 'any message' is okay really, isnt it? I think the good thing about the text is allows a little 'distance' without any chance of 'early interrogation'...which could put strain on things atthis early stage...

  3. I don't think texting is either more girl or guy-like...my thought is that texting is the cop out. Non-committal. If the date was just ok, text; but if there is any hope for a round two, phone call.

    Now, whether we think men are more non-committal than women is an entirely different subject!

  4. Text is polite but a phone call indicates further interest. So if you are not too sure bout the chemistry, text. But if there's fireworks and you are really interested, call.

  5. I like texts. Even for guys. It gives a bit of distance but acknowledges the date was had. But then, I'm just dealing with the fallout from a bad date and am only too glad for it to be happening via text.

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