Wednesday, April 12, 2006


A lot of women have been asking me why men seem to always be attracted to the crazy lune women and they pass over the stable grounded more normal ones. I would have to agree that I see this quite often indeed. I hear it all the time. Last week I spoke to guy on the phone, he told me he really wants to hire me but he is in a pseudo relationship right now that he is trying to end. I asked him about it. He said that they have great sex but she’s crazy and he knows it but the crazier she acts the more addicted he gets. He knows that he can’t marry a crazy girl which is why he is interested in hiring a matchmaker but he is having trouble getting her out of his system.

So… why is it?

I think that crazy translates into a bigger “chase” and if we take it back to the cavemen days, men love to chase. I think men find that crazy women keep them all kilter make them always work to have them, make them wonder what’s happening and somehow present the ultimate challenge.

You might then ask, should all women act crazy to get a man?

My answer would have to be no and yes. First, of course my answer is no—eventually men get over wanting a truly crazy lunatic woman. When does that happen- when they have really been put thru the ringer by a nutty woman, one they married or one they dated. Most men will experience that one awful time and then they will finally say they are finished, they need someone more normal.

So, it’s good to be normal. However, it good to “throw some crazy in”, meaning….

Wear sexier underwear then you usually do, or don't wear any underwear at all!
Grab your guy at a party, pull him into the stairwell and do something naughty and unexpected to him,
Don’t always be available when he asks you for plans,
Be mysterious sometimes about where you are going,
Don’t always be the one to give in during a fight.

In this way, you are wife material but a little exciting as well- you need to let those guys chase a bit, after all they still have some monkey in them!!


  1. Well, I try to stay away from crazy women. But unfortunately, it seems like the crazier the woman, the better she is in bed. Ask any guy, they'll say the same thing.

  2. Great post, and great advice to the females out there. Not sure why guys are attracted to crazy women, probably similar to why women are attracted to bad boys. I don't get that either, and being a "nice guy" it's frustrating to see women chase after these guys. People have told me I need to be more of a "jerk" to girls, that this would make me more attractive. I can't do that even if I tried, it's not in my nature. I'm certain there are normal women out there who are actually looking for a nice guy who has a good job, is intelligent and is thinking of something more interesting that what his next tattoo will be. Keep up the great work, Samantha.

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  4. A woman came on to me as I was separating from my wife. Sex with her was in-cred-i-ble. We loved the same freaky things and wow! it was awesome. HOW-EV-ER: missy had an alcohol habit I didn't know about until I moved in with her "rent-free". Her occasioanl tirades, unpredictable behavior, inclination to hang-up on me, break-up with me, ignore me, interrupt me, stand me up and so forth, COULD have been a result of alcoholism. Or menopause. Or bipolar personality disorder. All I know is: I loved her more than life itself. And the sex. . . OMMFSOBBFAWDSG!!!!! That said, my tolerance of the verbal abuse and disrespect was eventually overtaken by the realisation that, if she DID in fact, LOVE me, she would NOT mistreat me, EVER! So on a Sunday morning at my place, when she threw a fit (typically over-reacting to something ridiculous) and told her dog "ok, we're going home now", I was not so much surprised as irked. After 14 months, I NOW had an opportunity to take control. As she scurried back & forth collecting her stuff so she could abruptly go home, early in a day for which we had made MANY plans, I seized the moment. I told her, "If you walk out on me today, please collect all of your stuff you normally leave here and take it with you. Also: give me my keys." She did. After all of her contrived "break-ups", SHE would ALWAYS call ME (ALWAYS ignoring her responsibility in the events) to re-establish contact. Now, that I took the initiative and instantly retaliated for her her insane walk-out routine. . . I have not heard from her. Me? I feel hurt, used, tattered, torn and abused. I doubt I will EVER meet anyone like her again. "If only she was sober & sane. . ." I NOW know there's nothing I could have done about her. She took a nice guy, satisfied her OWN needs and once I finally stood up, she evidently decided she needed nothing further. Crazy is as crazy does. Any woman that would give me her ear would probably sweep me off of my feet. I am SUCH a WUSS!