Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do Attractive Men make Bad Husbands?

Interesting article.... What do you think??

Attractive Men = Bad Husbands
By Caroline Howard

Here's why hot women go for less attractive men

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who makes the best husband of them all? New research suggests it may be the toad, not the prince, after all.

Scientists and matchmakers have long known that physical attraction cannot be underestimated in early romance. But now researchers are trying to figure out the role looks play in long-term relationships. A new study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, reveals that how hot-or-not you are, particularly as compared to your mate, matters well beyond initial attraction into married life, although what that means changes over time.

Research of newly married couples led by James McNulty, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee, hypothesizes that couples in which the man is more attractive than the woman are generally less happy than pairs where the wife is better looking -- or the two have matching good looks. "The relative attractiveness in a couple matters more than the absolute attractiveness of each partner," according to one researcher in the study, UCLA's Benjamin Karney, PhD.

Confused? Think Brad and Jennifer. Both knockouts, but he, arguably, more so. Now, look at Brad and Angelina. See?

Attraction is, of course, subjective, but the published study used universal standards such as large eyes, facial symmetry and waist-hip ratios.

Satoshi Kanazawa, PhD, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics and coauthor of 'Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters', offers his own explanation as to why this may be true: Handsome men make bad husbands.

"Men can maximize their reproductive success by pursuing one of two different strategies: Seek a long-term mate, stay with her, and invest in their joint offspring (the “dad” strategy); or seek a large number of short-term mates without investing in any of the resulting offspring (the “cad” strategy)," writes Kanazawa.

Intelligence, money and power can blind even the most beautiful women to a man's craggy physical attractiveness -- how else to explain the candy on the arms of Salman Rushdie, Howard Stern and Donald Trump? But generally, it's the Jude Laws of the world who have more opportunities to pursue the "cad" strategy. Less attractive guys become, well, the "dads."

And the better husbands. McNulty’s study confirms that men who were less physically attractive than their wives were more "supportive" of their partners than their hotter counterparts. The less good-looking guys also invest more in their exclusive relationships, not to mention less chance of infidelity. "He's getting something better than he's providing on that level," said McNulty in an interview with LiveScience. "So he's going to work hard to maintain that relationship."


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  3. i think if husband is attractive then there are more chances of being a bad husband, the reason is that if the man is attractive then definitely he will get good response from the girls, and man always attract to the opposite sex, so if the person is getting chances from the outside of the home then definitely he will be careless towards his wife. so here are more chances to be a bad husband.

  4. I'm sure it's true - the better looking the man the higher the probabilty that he will be shallow and a poor husband.

    But I don't care - I won't settle. I want moral, intelligent, funny, and HOT! And I want it all, or he won't become my huband in the first place.

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  5. So I guess it's really up to the man to choose! Some attractive men can be great husbands :)

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  6. They have said the same thing about ugly women for years. In fact they even have a song about it. I think their is some truth to the, "attractive man make bad husbands," theory. but, I'm not going to stop dating attractive people because of it :)

  7. so that's why the beautiful girls always end up with the ugly guys!!

  8. yes, mostly the attractive husband become bad husband. They are attractive from the other girls when he left in the house and wen through the mall to buy for you. He can forget his wife, and talking with other girl who attract to him. Its true.

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  10. It's an interesting concept that attractivness can play such a part.

    I wonder what happen when beautiful women don't see themselves as attractive. I wonder if this comes into play as personal perception can be different to the perception of others?

    Interesting post thanks


  11. Interesting premise for a book. I do believe guys with hot wives tend to be happier in general. And I do notice women I'm attracted to seem to go for the pretty boys who almost always screw them over, without fail. It's back to that bad boy syndrome again. Who knows if uglier guys make better husbands. Most conversations I hear involving 2 or more women involves complaining about their husbands or b/fs. And women who marry down seem to be more unfaithful that others. Who knows, I don't have all the answers, just educated observations.

  12. Apparently it's not attractive men that are the problem; it's wealthy attractive men.

    In a study by the Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioural Ecology Research Group at the University of Liverpool, 186 female students rated good-looking men with high status as less attractive as long-term partners than good-looking men of medium status. The researchers pointed to concerns over the fidelity of good-looking, high status men.

    Similarly, a study of 1851 women by Fhionna Moore of the University of St Andrews, Scotland, found features more important than finances for today's financially independent women. In other words, women don't need men's money anymore, so why risk the playboy?!

    You can find more gems from the science behind attraction and have a little fun at the God's Gift Test here:

  13. WHAT?!?!? are you serious? I think we're talking about insecurities here. Has no one noticed that attractive women (or men) with ugly partners are the most insecure? Come on now. How can anyone in their right mind start dating a person they are not attracted to?

  14. i dont think thats always the cause. i know a lot of times it is, but things can also depend on what people consider attractive. everyone has different preferences and beliefs.

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  15. You can't possibly think that because someone is good looking (man or woman) that they are incapable of having a monogamous relationship?

    If you do, that's unfortunate, because you might be discriminating against a potential match.

    Ideally, get to know the person before making other assumptions.

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  17. Well i have to say I think it's true good looking guys don't make great husbands.I had one and it didn't work out.I'm dating now if anybody else is also dating come check me out leave your blog and comments.I would love to hear from anybody.Samantha best of luck to you.I want to check out your book.

  18. well... if husband attractive then its not mean that other girls will give response to him till at he take response from those girls ! i think for the successful life if the husband is attractive then the wife will not go to other coz she has an attractive husband ! i found my husband on its an online dating site ! and my husband is more attractive but after marry with me he did not give any attraction other girls except me !

  19. Did you ever think that both attractive women and men are difficult to fing a match, and, as a result, to be satisified. Why? because being attractive spoils them, leaning towards looking for a perfect face and body. Physical attraction vanishes in a course fo time. So what's left after? What to propose and how to keep a partner when your physical attraction disappears?
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  20. interesting....yes indeed, pyshical appearance is important but not the most important.

    I think pyshical appearance in this example is face. Is good for opener ( to be approach or to do approach)...

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