Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Love is in the Moon, TODAY

Sorry for my writing hiatus, but... I'm back.

And I'm back on a very special day. Today, actually tonight... there will be a HARVEST FULL MOON.

And for those of you who don't know what that means or why that is significant....legend has it, actually Chinese legend that today is a very auspicious day for romance!

According to the legend, on this day the Man in the Moon records all the names of happy couples who were fated to live happily ever after. Is it true? I really have no idea, but wouldn't it be nice if it were? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a proverbial Man in the Moon who was watching out for us and helping us meet our mate and live happily ever after? Sounds pretty romantic to me!

So... if you want to believe in the Man on the Moon today or if you are just hoping he might write about is a little advice for when you are out and about today and tonight...

1. Make it a point to smile at a few strangers, opposite sex strangers. This might open up a world of possibilities

2. Reach out to "a crush" today. You don't have to do anything overt or over the top; maybe just send an email and say hello.

3. Ask a friend or colleague if they know anyone for you... anyone single and sexy and fun. Who knows, they might just know your next significant other.

4. If you are in a relationship- married, dating casually one person or trying to make a go of or say one extra sweet thing today- it doesn't cost you anything to put a smile on that other person's face.

5. If you have a friend or colleague who is having a tough time of it right now- they are going through a breakup, a divorce, lost their job, are feeling all alone, reach out to them and say something encouraging. Karma is key and what comes around goes around especially on a day where a Man (or a Woman) in the Moon might just help you find true love!


  1. Thanks for the good advice Samantha. I have enjoyed watching your success. Regards. Earl

  2. Hi Samantha,
    I finished reading 'Matchbook' today. Just loved it. And thank you so much for sharing so much of your own direct experiences. In all, extremely inspirational. I am a practising psychologist in South Australia. I really do want to focus on more on 'wellness' and the more positive side to how people relate, and what better way than with matchmaking! Would love to start something up here. Will let you know! Again, thank you for your insights and all your sharing! Wishing you continued fun and success from Downunder!

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    So, how do we use this to improve our chances? Simple - we expand our social circle!

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  4. love is when something happens to your honey, they get sick, and you have to take care of them the rest of their life, and rather than feel life has cheated you, you feel it a great honor to have been chosen to take care of them, because you wouldnt want to entrust such an important responsibility to anyone else.
    Now, if it's years and years, the decision of whether to enter another relationship if your honey is incapacited, is more complicated, isnt it?

    and of course, all the relationships that dont work out prepare you better for the one that does;

    and there are only two kinds of relationships, those that last forever and those that dont, and most of them dont; all end except the last one, and we dont know if that's the one we're in until it does, do we? so we just stay in the moment and take it a day at a time and try to be the best we can be while it's playing itself out; relationships have a mind of their own and go where they're supposed to go, so we should try not to drive others crazy while it's getting there;

    and sometimes we get to be with the same people again in another life is what I believe.

    and finally, for the moment, the correct answer when your honey tells you they're leaving you for someone else and feel terrible about it, is "Thank you for the respect of telling me; that must have been very hard. Because I love you, if you will be happier somewhere else, that's where I want you to be. And I will miss you, and cry and be in some pain for a while, but I'm glad for what we shared, will always value it, and I owe it to what we've meant to each other to be ok, and so I will be." Easier said than done, but still the right answer.

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  7. Maybe a good seduction technique would be being a good person and treating her with respect so she likes you.

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  12. lol Samantha ur good i give u that and ur cute too hmm can u do dishes?

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  14. Good advice... I love the "reaching out to a crush." So many people don't do that much, thinking love will fall into their laps... myself being a prime example! Thanks for the tips.

  15. Very nice post and good advice too, thanks.

  16. I loved Miss Match. Don't understand why they cancelled it. I believe it was on Friday nights and that is not a very good time slot. Do you allow your articles republished on websites with full credits?


  17. hi... good one... it was interesting... dont write now a days???

  18. Good advice. The problem with good advice is that so few are willing to take it.

  19. There are no "dating techniques" as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who stays true to himself, honest and caring will sooner or later find the partner he needs.

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