Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just a thought... If you had to guess whether or not a 30-something single girl would want a guy who she just started dating and hadn't heard from in several days to text her at 11 o clock at night and just write one word to her, "Sup", what would you guess??

I mean what the hell does"Sup" mean anyway? Does this guy think he is some hip-hop, gangster guy and he is trying to say "What's up" not just as "Whassup?" but now even cooler?

Hello... how about considering your audience- a 30-something single girl, living on the upper east side, who wears Jimmy Choos and DVF-does he really think that this girl would relate to, appreciate or understand the word "Sup"?! Especially at 11pm at night, especially when she was hoping for a litle more encouragement!

What is he stuck in a 50 cent video?

Ever heard of... "Hey, how are you?" Ever heard of plain old "Hi." Girls aren't so picky these days; they just wants words they can find in Websters. Remember Websters?

Hmmm... just a thought.


  1. Two words: booty call.

  2. Yep, I agree, that's what it was. And there are so many women willing to chase these morons, that these guys write such stupid things as "sup?" It works for them more often than not. I'd kill for a gorgeous, educated, stylish woman, but they're all running after losers with no ambition, education, career or writing skills. It's just the way things are now. And btw, I also see these same women paying for everything since their loser boy toys don't have the finacial ability to fund their own lifestyles. If I were to text one of these women with "Hi" or "How are you tonight?" it wouldn't get me very far b/c they would be replying to the thugs who wrote them "Sup homegirl?"